Friday, August 13, 2004

Farm boy

I grew up on a cattle farm on Ohio Highway 550 midway between Bartlett and Sharpsburg. We had a big Mail Pouch barn and three farm ponds. Across the highway was an apple orchard that would occasionally get raided just after dark in the late days of summer.

What growing up on a farm taught me more that anything else was to always be ready for the unexpected. Whether you are raising animals or dealing with harvests - circumstances can change with a moments notice. So don't be surprised when things change suddenly.

Farming taught me that when the unexpected happens, try not to get excited, think about your next move, and then lean into the situation and pull a little harder.

It's an important lesson to learn in becoming a person responsible for his/her own behavior in this world. Lots of folks look for circumstances to blame their difficulties on.

If I am going to live responsibly in this world I have to avoid the "blame game" and persevere through the difficulties of work, home and life in general.