Friday, April 03, 2009

The return of the birds....

The last couple of months it has been relatively quiet on the pond.

You could stand outside in the evening and listen for several minutes and not hear a sound.

Then last evening I went for a walk around my place (where the snow had melted away enough) and I noticed there was a substantial increase in the noise level. There were robin's singing!

That got me to looking up and there were lots of birds in the trees around me that just a month ago were not any where in sight. The chickadees were there all winter but now they have companions. nuthatches, sparrows, red polls and even the grackles have returned.

I purchased a bird feeder this week in order to "help" them out until the snow completely melts.

It was nice to hear the beginnings of spring.

Because this is my first spring on the pond there are many things that I am seeing and appreciating for the first time.

Next up... mud season.


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