Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week Four In A New Job

The days seem to fly by here - I think that is a good sign.

A little about my new responsibilities - Weidmann makes high density board used in the manufacture of municipal and manufacturing electrical transformers in the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

I am primarily responsible for the Plant manager and his direct reports.

I also have a dotted line to the Regional Production manager for the Americas. He is over each of the Plant managers here in St Johnsbury and Mexico.

We take a raw pulp material and produce a finished board product. Some of our customers build their own transformers and they just want the board product. Other customers want a portion or all of the interior components of a transformer fabricated for them. So we fabricate parts for them, or engineer and design whole transformers for them. For some of our customers we are their engineering and manufacturing department.

We have a sales staff and a small customer service call center.

So there you have it...

I still have 3 - 4 ft of snow - so I went snowshoeing Sunday morning. I saw some folks ice fishing on the pond - but with temps in the high 40's I chose to keep my considerable bulk off the ice...


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