Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ambiguous About Ambiguity

If I profess a belief in trusting the Creator I had better be prepared to do just that.

Like spices in a warm pan of cider - I am mulling that one over in my head these days.

Reminding myself that I am someone who can deal with ambiguity. That I am confident enough in my relationship that the way ahead can be murky, hazy and covered in fog but I, in fact, know what is out there.

Now and again the fog has covered the pond to the point that you can’t see the other side. You can only see three or four feet in front of you. The pond is the same length and the safety of the far shore is still out there. I just can’t see it at that moment in time.

If I struck out in my boat and paddled through the fog I would eventually come to the far shore. It is there.

Not knowing at what point the fog will lift and clarity will be restored is the trust/faith/challenging part.

How comfortable are we with ambiguity?

I have a natural desire to want to know what is going on. Particularly when it involves my job or home or life - all of the above.

I want to be able to plan. To see my hopes and dreams come to fruition. Ambiguity seems to prevent that. And the very least it slows the process down. Forces me to spend some time staring at the fog.

Maybe I should consider other alternatives.

I am ambiguous about ambiguity.


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