Monday, October 06, 2008

Follow Me...

A couple of months back on a Sunday morning I was driving down to Akron to preach.

I was just getting on the interstate near my home and I had driven down the entrance ramp. I was preparing to merge when I noticed a white car in the lane to my left coming up on me fast.

Now I could have punched it and tried to pull ahead of this guy or backed off the gas and pulled in behind him. Since I was quickly running out of room I opted to slow down and pull in behind him.

As the elderly gentleman passed me by he sternly looked my way and wagged his finger at me like I had done something wrong. I was a little surprised because I thought I had done the right thing by not forcing him to slow down or change lanes.

I noticed as he pulled ahead that there was a bumper stick in the rear window of his sedan. It looked vaguely familiar to me. I moved over to his left and started to pass him. As I got closer to his car the bumper sticker became clear.

“Follow me to a Church of Christ.”

I laughed out loud. Like there was any chance anyone would follow him to church after he scolded them.

And since I was going to preach at a Church of Christ that morning it made a great opening illustration of how faith and life intersect.


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