Monday, July 28, 2008

Time flies whether you are having fun or not…

It’s the last week of July already. Just like a red sports car the summer is cruising by and I feel like I am standing beside the road watching it pull away. The days and weeks of summer pass so quickly.

I was weeding the garden last night and wishing I had been more diligent in the spring to keep the weeds down and get some annuals in the ground. But the more I weeded the more I realized how nice the evening was and how much I was enjoying the summer light.

As a kid I spent the better part of my youth wishing time away. “Enjoy each moment to the fullest,” sounds like such a platitude – but I am really trying to just live for this moment – and embracing what life is offering me right now.

And what life is offering me tonight is more weeds to pull and some ½ price, pot bound, annuals to free from their restrictive black containers and get into the earth. Let them bloom and grow. May we all bloom and grow!


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