Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Building a house of trust....

It seems like it has been months since I have written anything thoughtful.

I spend most of my days writing on work related projects and for some reason by the time I get home it is just easier to post pictures of the camp progress than it is to try and write something meaningful.

Serving as the general contractor on a project such as ours is a lot like taking a second job, what with keeping track of the details, following up phone calls, tracking down materials and arranging site visits. It seems as if you never stop making decisions. You never make anyone happy unless you are sending them a check. You are relying on subcontractors who are working on 2 or 3 other jobs as well as yours and are stretched thin themselves.

But the people I have hired have rarely let me down. I have met some good folks who have worked hard and taken great pride in their work. It has been a pleasure to have them on the project.

It has been a learning experience for me too. You can never ask too many questions - chances are you are never asking enough. Sometimes you have to go with your gut and trust the genuine goodness of people.

Trust that people have good hearts and want to do their best and will come through in the end.


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