Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Ham...

Over the last several days this blog has had over 100 hits for my ham glaze recipe. If you google "cook Budaball ham" my blog comes up as the first or second hit!

Cook the FRESH ham uncovered in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F on a meat thermometer.

The glaze is easy - 1 jar of french brown mustard, 1 jar of orange marmalade and 1 cup of brown sugar. Cook the ham according to the instructions and glaze the ham the last 30 minutes of the cooking.

I am amazed at how people end up at my blog. I started seeing an increase in hits on Wednesday and each day it grew more and more. Today by 10 AM the site had 70 hits alone.

I hope someone used the recipe!



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