Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year

I am have been away for a week or two...

The past two weeks have been pretty full with learning my way around a new job. There are people, processes and programs to learn.

I met with the regional executives on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. One of the great things about working with this group of people is that I have built some great relationships with these folks over the last four years in my previous position. They know me and I know them and there already exists a level of trust and sense of respect. Mostly because we have worked through some serious and delicate issues together.

Over the next several weeks I will meet with the rest of the organization, spend some time in the field, and learn a whole lot more about banking.

We are moving on to the next stage of construction at camp. Heating, plumbing, insulation and siding. The weather is a big factor in the whole process. But it's getting there.


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