Sunday, December 02, 2007

Respect for believers

If I value a holy, healthy relationship with God, I must learn to value you.

You are made in his image and loved dearly by his great heart.

So how dare I discount your worth?
How dare I insult your person or intelligence or spiritual integrity?
How dare I tolerate the social or racial or countless other animosities that have been put in place to keep us apart?

God has created one place where the ground is level for all.

Where the worth and dignity of every person is preserved.

Where the infinite worth of every soul is affirmed.

I choose to stand at the foot of that cross with everyone else who confesses and loves the Christ.

To be one body with them.

To declare that there is finally a place that hatred cannot claim.

Within the love of God, we are learning to love one another – not because of a rule that says we must - but because the Spirit of God has made all things new.


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