Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back From VT

Home after 3 days of hard work... the downstairs windows and doors are in and the place is completely sheathed up. A roofer has been secured, and an electrician & plumber are both close to being selected.

The devil is in the details.

It was a pivotal trip because it allowed me to really see the fall/winter mornings and how the sun moves across the building. Some windows were moved to provide additional morning sunlight and a better view.

The upstairs deck off the bedroom is now going to be a roofed screened porch - hopefully avoiding future snow and ice build up over the dining room. It was a decision that could only have been made at that juncture before the complete roof went on. So another good reason to be there.

The crew doing the building is first rate. All four are excellent carpenters and really care about doing the job the right way.

The front porch and deck

The view from the front porch and deck

The guest rooms and bath side...

Looking from the road...

Looking at the garage and entrance porch...


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