Monday, October 22, 2007

A Brand New Day

Well the Red Sox played incredible baseball this weekend and are headed to the World Series. The Indians will have to wait another year. Now I want to see the BoSox pummel those up-start "Rockies."

At camp we are waiting on the roof trusses. Those should be delivered this week and the roof should be on by next week. (Hopefully.)

And I am incredibly blessed.

At work I have spent the better part of three weeks doing something that I dislike immensely and it is almost over.

Yesterday, I had a few hours to sit and reflect - in the late autumn sunlight - on how truly blessed I am in all aspects of my life. I was sitting with a friend beside a lake and at first I begrudged the fact that I had another difficult week ahead. And as the minutes slid by I gradually gave myself over to the moment. Gave myself over to simply being in that time and space and not worrying about tomorrow or the rest of the week - just allowing myself to be nourished by a friend and by the beautiful setting that we were in.

Gratitude began to emerge and then full fledged thankfulness and ultimately it all gave way to forgiveness.

That is how it goes for me... If I let myself just be for a bit...


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