Monday, August 20, 2007

Reading right now...

I am in the middle of Barbara Brown Taylor's book entitled Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith. Her writing is poignant and revealing in a number of ways. I am appreciating her honesty about how she grappled with the challenges of ministry. Reading about those challeneges from a woman's perspective is a revelation to me.

I am listening to Lucinda William's new album, West. (Thanks, Roddy for turning me on to this remarkable singer/songwriter.) This is my third album of hers and they get better and better...

And the best product I have tried recently is Balsamic Syrup... This is balsamic vinegar that has been reduced with a little sugar or honey. You can buy it in a specialty food store or make it at home. This stuff is great on savory and sweet things. (Ice cream, bread, strawberries, warm potatoes, salad greens, you name it...)


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