Thursday, August 23, 2007

The basement is finished...framing starts next week

This is the view from the road...

Standing in the drive looking out to the pond.

Isn't it beautiful?

This is the upper level of the basement floor. It had to be poured high because of the ledge under it. We opted not to blast the ledge away in order to protect our well and the neighbor's.

Lower level and upper level - doorway out to the pond.

Those orange pipes sticking up are for the radiant heating in the basement floor. Warm water will run through the floor keeping the temperature constant throughout the year. We will have radiant heat on the first floor of the house as well.

This is the view out the basement doors. See the swimming raft on the right in the distance?

I had them pour a pad outside the basement doors. There will be a small deck above this and I did not want a mud hole just outside the basement.
Next week they will start building the floor over the basement and then framing the first floor. The only concrete work left is pour the pad for the garage.

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