Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Don't let the bear get you...

This has been a crazy day. Work is pushing me to the edge. I am stressed out and tired. I am reminded of the stage directions from Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale.'

From Act III, Scene III - [Exit, pursued by a bear]

Have you ever had days when you left work knowing there was a "bear" right behind you? Following you out the door?

Today is just like that.

A day when I gave it my best effort and I still left for home knowing that "the beast" was hanging over my head and it was going to occupy my thoughts through the rest of the evening and maybe into the night and be waiting for me the next day.

Haven't you felt that way one time or another? The feeling that the "bear" is breathing down your neck and closing fast...

The worst way to deal with it is to put our head in the sand and deny that it is looming on the horizon.

The best way to deal with a "bear" is to turn and confront it.

Whether it's a late project, a missed deadline, a disgruntled supervisor or whatever.

Act decisively and deal with it.

Break it down and handle it in chunks - but deal with it.


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