Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy Man

I don't know how some people do it.

Day in and day out with few or no breaks - they are home on the weekends but they are working from home - Blackberries and laptops are always on and always humming. I even know some folks who sell back or trade in their vacation time because they just don't use it!

I would fall apart. I need the opportunity to put my mind in a different place for an extended period of time and give my head a chance to recharge.

Steven Curtis Chapman had a hit called "Busy Man" 15 years ago and in the chorus he sang,

"'re running with your eyes closed
You could be missing life all along the way
And you'd never even know it..."

For some folks, that I have observed, work is their life. Work and promotion defines them. Work is important - but there is so much more to life than work.

Ecclesiastes teaches us that if you look to work for ultimate fulfillment then you will be disappointed.

Some person with less experience than you will come along and get the position you have been working towards for 10 years.

Your old comfortable boss will move on and your new boss will be an ogre.

Your responsibilities will change “based on business need” and your new responsibilities will double your work load.

Work is a part of our lives but it is just a part of our lives.

Understanding that and creating boundaries is important if we don’t want to end up on the treadmill that can catch us all.


At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Diana- your sister said...

I would like to wish my brother, Jeff, a Happy Belated birthday (May 5th). I am the sister that killed my goat in one of his stories. I ran across a picture the other day of Jeff, my father and I, and our goats. I pinned it up on the fridge in remeberence of my terrible act as a child, luckly it didnt go into adulthood. (smile)
Jeff, you are a great brother and uncle, You have helped me through life in all kinds of ways and I appreciate them more then you will ever know.. and I do beleive you married your soulmate. I could never ask for a better sister-in-law. She is so great and has such a wonderful heart. She taught me a great about ice cream cones (laughing).I dearly love the both. Diana


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