Friday, March 30, 2007

My Favorite Spring Flowers

Ophelia's oft-quoted line, "There's pansies, that's for thoughts", in Hamlet (Act IV, Scene V) comes from this tradition: if a maiden found a honeyflower and a pansy left for her by an admirer, it would mean "I am thinking of our forbidden love" in symbol rather than in writing.

I love pansies. They come in a myriad of colors and they are the first plants I put out each spring. Bright and beautiful, pansies along with tulips and daffodils help to usher in spring.

Last night I paid a visit to my brother-in-law who is as much a garden enthusiast as I am. He was putting his pansies in the ground as I pulled in his drive!! After the visit I drove straight to the nursery and purchased my own.

When I finally got home last night I filled two planters out front with pansies and their close cousins, violas. I also filled three beds by the back door. Now both entrances are presentable.

I noticed the daffodils were starting to bloom last evening and the tulips are only a week or so behind.

I am grateful for this time of renewal. And as I observe each bulb breaking forth from the ground I am reminded that Jesus also broke forth from the ground never to die again and the hope that is offered in his life.


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