Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have led work projects where there have been millions of dollars on the line. I have played a crucial role in other projects where I started with little or no knowledge of the project itself and in short order worked out what I needed to do to assist.

So why am I so intimidated by my own building project?

We are headed to Vermont soon to meet with the architect and the builder to work out some of the details and I have to tell you I am a little freaked out.

We have had an old hunting cabin in the Northeast Kingdom for the last seven years and this year we are going to tear it down and build a place that we can visit year round and eventually move to on a semi-permanent basis.

I keep telling myself it will all be fine - that I have the skills to manage the project and convey our ideas/desires to the builder and that I have the skills to keep it within or under our budget.

But then there is that nagging sense of doubt in the back of my mind that sneaks out when no one is around.

Where does that come from?

“Go away!”


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