Friday, February 16, 2007

I was out of the office today

I spent today conducting a team effectiveness workshop for a group of about 40 people. They were open to learning about what would make them more effective at what they do.

The foundational issue for truly effective teams is always, always, trust.

There are a lot of people that just don’t get this. Lots of managers think that trust is the last thing that matters when trying to build an effective team. They lead their team with a “My Way or The Highway” philosophy that leads to high turnover and lack of results.

Today I saw a team that knew they could trust their manager and each other. They are one of the top investment teams within my organization. The manager gets it. He knows that if his people trust him and he keeps his commitments to them that they will work their hearts out for him. Same goes for his clients. They know that he has integrity and that his team has the same characteristic.

It was a terrific day with great people who have values that are reflected in their lives and in their work. That gives me lots of hope.

More snow coming this weekend. I have some pictures of the blizzard here on Wednesday. I will download them later. I shoveled and blew snow all day long just to get out of my drive. If my lazy nephews had been here I could have hired them! But they live down in warm North Carolina.

A couple of summers ago we took Zach with us to Vermont and he caught a very large chain pickerel.


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