Friday, February 02, 2007

I have lots of things on my mind today and no where to put them…but here

-I do not understand why people hate Hillary Clinton so much. It has been my observation that women in particular hate her even more than men. I don’t get it. Democrats and Republicans alike despise her and they have a hard time putting into words why.

Now I do not think she is a good candidate for the Democratic nomination. First, the right wing of the Republican Party will come out in droves to vote against her if she is THE Democratic candidate.

Second, not only can we not afford to lose the next election – we cannot afford to win it by a slim margin. The next President of the United States needs to win by a real majority of the votes with a real mandate for change.

But given those reservations – I do not hate the woman. She’s intelligent, politically savvy, ambitious, and hard working. Her proposals on Health Care reform were forward thinking and outside the box.

- I am sad that we lost Molly Ivins this week. She was great satirist with a keen way with words. Paul Krugman wrote a great piece on her today in the NYT.

- A year and a half later and New Orleans is still in crisis and no one in the Federal Government seems to care. Whole sections of the city are still full of houses abandoned to mold and decay. Hundreds of thousands of residents still have no way to come home - or no home to return to. Businesses can't function without workers. Workers can't return if they have no place to live. At this point in the crisis NO should be federalized and one person put in charge to restore the city. The Mayor and the Govenenor are both worthless!

Where’s Rudi now?

Where’s the well paid corporate CEO who is willing to take three years and lead Project New Orleans?


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