Monday, January 29, 2007


We have finished cleaning the bedroom closets and are about to tackle the attic.

We have too much stuff. Too much junk, clothes, makers, books, papers, things that don’t work, things that work but we don’t use, household items, garage items, yard items, and furniture. It’s just too much.

So we are cleaning out and giving away stuff.

In the past we bought into the idea that some THING could make our lives, happier, easier or better - but not any more. There is no THING that can do that. I wish I’d learned that lesson earlier in life.

Most things only accumulate (dust) and the more things you have - the more you have to protect them. And with most physical things the longer you keep them the more they depreciate – the less they are worth.

Pretty soon you are taking steps to insure that your things are protected from other people who don’t have the things you have. It is an existence that feeds on itself.

People are different. Relationship is different.

People and relationships enrich us. They improve our character and press us to be better people. They are appreciating assets. Their value increases the longer they go on. Friendships forged in the experiences of life and re-forged again in the fires of crisis only strengthen us.

So out with useless THINGS that never deliver what they promise in the slick ads and commercials!

And in with relationship and people!

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”


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