Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The National Dreamer Speaks Tonight

Tonight the President is going to recommend sending 20,000 additional troops to Iraq. This is a mistake.

First – there is little or no support for it in America. The President apparently did not hear the mandate given to him by the American people last November. I am hoping that newly elected democrats did.

Second - we have no business being in the middle of an Iraqi civil war between the Sunnis and the Shia.

We need to pull back, assist with air support and supplement the Iraqi security forces when needed, and then within the year - pull out altogether.

The President will announce tonight that he wants to spend an additional $1 billion in economic development in Iraq.

I am wondering what would be the impact of spending $1 billion in economic development in the City of Cleveland or the kinds of improvements we would see if the poorest school system in the country was infused with $1 billion.

The cost of the Iraq War is set to reach $378 billion on March 31, 2007, halfway through fiscal year 2007.

$378 BILLION!!!!

At just $378 billion dollars taxpayers in Ohio will pay $13.3 billion for the cost of war in Iraq. For the same amount of money, we could have been provided:

4,444,110 - Uninsured People with Health Care

225,290 - Additional Elementary School Teachers

2,047,188 - Head Start Places for Children

1,640,474 - College Students with Scholarships

318,040 - Additional Police Officers

Check out the website in the link above for additional information.
Well, I am under 16 minutes a mile. Last night my time was 15.59 down to the park and 15:39 coming back. It’s funny how competitive I have become with myself.

The first time that I did it last week I didn’t even stretch before I walked. This week I am taking my time and stretching as I walk down the driveway…I have the I-pod ready to go with some Al Green or James Brown to get me off to a good start. I am working on a couple of play lists of some great walking music to keep me going.

I know the tough part will be walking the time down to consistently under 15 minutes a mile - but I will keep on trucking. Each night is easier.


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