Thursday, December 14, 2006

You must check out this video....

Please click the link above and check out the video.

There are lots of deserving groups out there that are trying to find solutions to the problems in Africa. This is one of them. From their webpage:

Kibo - (pronounced, "kee-bow") is the highest point in Africa, the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro rising 20,000 feet above the plains of Tanzania. It has long been the goal of many Western climbers who come each year by the thousands and pay thousands of dollars to take the challenge of climbing to Uhuru (freedom) peak. The Kibo group was founded and incorporated as a 501c3 by a group of such climbers in 1999. 14 of us made the five-day climb, half of us lived in east Africa at the time, collectively we represented 80+ years of living and working in Africa.

Our trip to the highest point in Africa inspired us to help take African communities to their highest points. Since that climb we have been funding various small-scale projects presented to us by East Africans. At present we limit our interaction with countries located in the lake Victoria basin, focusing on the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Recently, as our partners have succeeded the Kibo group has grown to meet the increase in interest. Kibo is not a religious organization yet it is faith based in that our common faith in God inspired us to act in this way. We will consider any group or person that displays a creative spirit, a sustainable plan and a heart for social entrepreneurship.

Check out their website...


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