Monday, December 04, 2006

Well Known Folks I Have Met

These would be folks that I have actually shaken hands with:

Woody Hayes - Met him when I was a teenager at a party that a friend of my family hosted.

Dom Deluise – I met him on a late night food run in a Malibu Grocery store, in the frozen food section. He was very gracious.

Johnny Cash – I met Johnny in Boston. He was very kind and gracious.

Phil Donahue – I was in the audience on his show in 1991. He chatted with me during the break but would not let me ask my question during the show!

Chief Justice William Rehnquist – I heard him speak on two occasions in Greensboro, VT. He had an incredible memory and was a good story teller.

BB King - I met him in a hotel elevator in Gainesville, Florida. Saw him in concert 4 years later.

Lyle Lovett – I met him in the Nashville airport after hearing him in concert the night before. He was as self-depreciating as you would imagine.

K D Lang – I met her in a San Francisco hotel lobby after hearing her in concert the night before.

Three people I would love to meet and talk with:

Terry Gross – Host of Fresh Air on National Public Radio.

Keith Olbermann – Host of Countdown on MSNBC

Peter Jackson – Director of Lord of the Rings.


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