Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Riders of the Mark!"

We just finished re-watching (for the fourth time) the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We watched them on three Sunday afternoons over the last several weeks.

I really love those three movies.

Each time I see them I see something I have forgotten or I think I have never seen before. I love the unavoidable Biblical imagery. We see reflections of God's grace, Christ's sacrifice, and the hope of resurrection.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s writing in the "Rings" speaks to our deepest longings, evoking both sorrow and joy. Tolkien was a devout Catholic who understood the importance of story. He and his friend C.S. Lewis, two of the “Inklings,” both understood the power and the influence of stories on people - stories that prompt deeper reflection, help us to understand truth and aspire to ideals.

Kudos must be given to Peter Jackson for his amazing direction of these films and his ability to stay true to the novels.

Of all the peoples of Middle Earth, the people I have the most affinity for are the horse-lords of the Riddermark, the Rohirrim. Having grown up with horses I would enjoy being around horse people. In LOTR books and the movies they are portrayed as fierce and yet generously loyal to their fellow man.

I love the scene in Return of the King when King Theoden forms his cavalry on the hills above the Pelennor Fields and then charges down on Sauron’s army. It's probably a guy thing - but Theoden risks his army and kingdom because of an oath sworn by his father's fathers.

He kept the covenant between Rohan and Gondor.

Great movies!


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