Monday, December 18, 2006

Living in the Borderlands

This week the celebration of the birth of Jesus should remind us that we all have a future we can trust.

Most of us don’t see this. Most of us need to be reminded on a regular basis.

We play with the idea. We flirt with it.

But we’re busy. We’re distracted.

We’ve got stuff to do with our lives. It’s hard, hard work living as if our future were all up to us. So we live just in the borderlands of grace. We have good moments, but we keep forgetting about the future we can trust.

The challenge is to let go. Deep down inside, just...let... go.

Because we have a God who is trustworthy, we have a future we can trust.

The question is… will we?

Trust God.

All the way?

All the time?

No matter what happens... in absolutely all things?


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