Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Woman Who Made All The Difference in My Life

After leaving behind a less than idyllic childhood of her own she raised her two children as best she could. She loved them with all her heart and sacrificed for them whenever it was required.

She divorced her husband to protect her children from his drunken rage.

She worked long hours and took all the extra overtime she could get in order to provide a home, food and comfort for her family.

She taught her children to tell the truth.

She raised her children to have tender hearts and callused hands and not the other way around.

She taught them that work and responsibility were important.

She taught them that taking care of family comes before your own personal desires.

She never remarried or even dated much in order to preserve the stable life that she had provided for her children.

She encouraged her son to be the first family member to go to college. And while she did not have a lot of extra money to send to him while he was in college – she did bake him pies.

Warm, fragrant apple pies.


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