Monday, October 23, 2006

Time Waits For No One

It is the last full week of October already.

As I type it is spitting snow outside my window. I love the fall. I spent a number of years in the northeast and came to experience the season in only a way that New England can show you.

It was there that I came to love McCouns. It is a crisp apple with a nice balance between sweet and tart and a very thin skin – making it excellent for eating.

Bolton Orchards in MA is my source. I still order McCouns from them each year. They are a rare find in Ohio.

I spent the day on Saturday raking leaves, blowing leaves, mulching leaves and piling leaves on the tree lawn - just another part of the experience of fall.

Growing up we used to have a chili supper at our church each fall. Everyone would meet at someone’s farm and there would be a big fire with a kettle full of chili over it. Someone would constantly stir the chili to keep it from scorching.

There would be hay wagon rides, apple bobbing and games of “Tag you’re it!” played until dark when we would finally slow down and roast marshmallows over the coals of the once great fire.

I love those memories of fall and this one is almost a memory too.

What are your memories of fall?

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