Friday, October 27, 2006

I love breakfast places…

Breakfast is my favorite meal, hands down.

I like all the breakfast foods: eggs fixed any way you like, bacon, sausage (patties or links - doesn’t matter), French toast, pancakes, waffles, omelets, eggs Benedict, eggs Florentine, grits, homefries, smoked salmon, fried mush, oatmeal, fresh fruit, all cereals and toast including wholegrain, wheat, white and rye!

I love all the breakfast chains. Bob Evans (though I think their quality is slipping) Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, Perkin’s Pancakes, The Original Pancake House, IHOP and I am anxious to try this new place called First Watch.

My usual haunt is, of course, Sammy’s. His French toast is wonderful and his Corned Beef hash is killer. I judge most breakfast places by their CB hash. If it comes from a can – then they go down a couple of notches.

I am always on a quest to find great tasting sausage and bacon.

Being from southern Ohio I was raised on Bob Evans sausage and it is hard not to consider it the best – Going to a county fair in my youth always included a Bob Evans sausage sandwich on a CWB with yellow mustard.

But I also like the smoky flavor of Cracker Barrel patty sausage. Not too over powering - just enough smoke to influence the flavor not dominate it.

My favorite bacon of all time is McKenzie’s slab bacon – not the prepackaged McKenzie. It’s only available in New England and so it is part of what makes going to Vermont each year special.

The smell of McKenzie bacon wafting through the cabin in the morning is such a comfort smell for me. I know I am in a good place.

And coffee…I love coffee with breakfast.

So there you have it…if terrorists want all my secrets they can deny me breakfast and I will tell them everything. I will sing like a birdie for breakfast!

“Two eeeegggs, puhleeese!”

For a great breakfast place where you live - check out the link above...


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