Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday at Sammy's Grill

This morning at Sammy’s was so much fun…

Amid the smell of bacon, hot cakes and home fries - there was singing, lots of quotes from The Princess Bride and Blazing Saddles, and of course the crossword puzzle.

I hung out longer than normal and helped lift some spirits on a rainy Friday morning.

I had heard some Gospel singing on the radio while I was parking the car and so I still had “Jesus will work it out!” on my brain when I walked in the door.

I climbed onto “my” stool and started reading the paper and soon Ted, Maureen, Nancy, Virginia, Pat and David – all regulars - joined me.

It got started with reading quotes from a debate from Thursday night…

Soon I was singing “Jesus will work it out!” as a refrain to each politician’s response.

Then came the quotes from The Princess Bride between bites of French toast and sips of coffee.

We manage to make some laughs from most of the headlines and from Maureen Dowd’s column.

Pretty soon everyone was feeling like better about the rainy Friday morning and we turned to the real challenge… the crossword puzzle.

Ted reads the clues aloud and all of us help with the answers. Pasteur developed the first vaccine for which disease? R _ _ _ E _ .

Just your typical Friday morning at Sammy’s…


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