Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Away For A Few

Tomorrow I am on my way to the Left Coast for a few days.

Chris is already at a conference in SF, CA and I am going to join her for some fun.

On Friday I have lunch reservations at Chez Panisse. This is Alice Waters’ restaurant in Berkley, CA that she began 35 years ago. Waters advocates eating locally produced foods that are in season, because she believes that the international shipment of mass-produced food is both harmful to the environment and provides an inferior product for consumers.

It’s all part of the Slow Food Movement.

The Slow Food Movement was started to combat fast food and to preserve the cultural cuisine and the associated food, plants and seeds, domestic animals, and farming within an eco-region. Check out the link in the title above for more info.


We will be back in town to vote on November 7th. Ohio is going to be a swing state this election in a way that the GOP could not have imagined in 2004.

Like a pendulum Ohio is going to swing back to the center. The GOP corruption (Bob Ney and Tom Noe) and election tampering (Blackwell) in the state for the last four years looms too large for even ardent Republicans to ignore.

The big issues in this Ohio election are that the Republicans want to bring Slot Machine Gambling to the state (Issue 3) and want a state constitutional amendment to allow smoking everywhere and nullify all previous state and local smoking bans (Issue 4).

These are their answers to Ohio’s problems?

Well, I say stop the madness!

Just vote to stop it.

Meanwhile Iraq has become another Vietnam. Let’s clear the air and just say it.

We are again stuck in someone else’s country and Americans are getting killed every day because some guys in Washington - who never had to kill or be shot at - say we have to be there to stop terrorism because if we don’t stop it there it will come here.

Sounds exactly like what “they” said about the spread of communism and Vietnam 46 years ago. We are in such quicksand right now.

Take our country back.


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