Monday, September 25, 2006

“It was a Nice Day for a White Wedding…”

One of the greatest joys in my life as a minister is the pleasure that comes from marrying two people. Even though I am no longer in fulltime ministry - I get asked to do one or two weddings a year mostly for friends and neighbors or their children.

A few months back I was asked if I would conduct the ceremony for my neighbor’s daughter. That wedding happened yesterday and it was a great time in a lovely setting at Atwood Lake just south of Canton, OH.

Weddings are so full of hope. They are a new beginning in which all of us get a chance, as we listen to the couple make their vows, to look at our own relationships and renew our vows. To say to our spouse – “I would do it all over again with all the better and all the worse.”

Because when you make your vows the first time…you don’t know how much better or worse things can be.

Life is good.

I am trying harder to be a “Localvore.” I am going to local farmer’s markets and buying meat and vegetables that are locally grown (with 100 miles) of our home. Some of the reasons why are: the food is fresh; you support local small family farms, help protect the environment and if for no other reason it tastes better!

What I love is the fresh poultry, vegetables and the eggs! Ah, the eggs! They cannot be compared to the egg farm eggs that you get at the grocery. They have a marvelous fresh taste and the yolks are dark marigold yellow.

Now – it’s not as convenient as running down to the Giant Eagle grocery chain and picking up something for dinner, I have to plan ahead a bit and carry canvas bags with me when I go shopping. But the payoff is huge.

Take a look at the link under the title above and see what you think…


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