Monday, August 21, 2006

We Are Completely Mired

The quagmire that is Iraq has slowly been sucking American lives away for almost three years and we are no more appreciated now than before we “liberated” the Iraqis from their tyrannical leader.

Our mission was never clearly defined. This administration thought that we would arrest Hussein, establish order and in six months we would have all our people back home. They planned on free elections and democracy in Iraq.

I am reminded of the experience of remodeling an old house. When you find a little dry rot under a window sill and you go digging around to replace the punky piece of wood and pretty soon you are tearing out the whole wall because the dry rot extends much further than you could have imagined. And you discover that the old wiring in the wall is frayed and the insulation around the window is bad. Rather quickly you are spending more and doing much more than your original estimate.

Iraq is in the throes of a civil war. The Shiites – who we gave the country back to – love Iran more than the people who liberated them!

On Sunday Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel (NE) said that Iraq is in a “very defined civil war” and that the Middle East is “the most unstable we’ve seen since 1948.” He also reiterated that the United States needs to begin withdrawing troops within the next six months because "staying the course" just continues to “kill Americans and put Americans in the middle of a civil war that we have less and less control and influence over every day.”

This will be remembered as the most incredible Presidential debacle in the history of our country: How a President, under the guise of fighting terrorism, invaded a sovereign nation and facilitated the establishment a fundamentalist Muslim government.

I am not an isolationist – but our strength is not in our military might.
Our strength is in being a shining example of democracy, of helping the poor, of bringing food, water and schools to the people of this world who desperately need it. We need to get out of Iraq now and re-establish our moral authority over time as a true leader in the world.

Nobody asked – It’s just my opinion


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