Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Urban Herbs

The Block Brunch went off without a hitch! We made upwards of 40 omelets and nearly 25 Belgian waffles to order in the span of three hours. The rest of the neighbors brought a real breakfast feast. Even though the heat was oppressive we were able to be shaded under tents and umbrellas for most of the time. We were exhausted at the end of the day.

This weekend I am going to an event to help a friend. I have a great friend, Dion, who owns a stand at the Cleveland Westside Market. Urban Herbs is the name of his business. He sells herbs, spices, his own spice blends and rubs, beans, rice and pastas. He has 10 different kinds of peppercorns! He does an amazing retail business at the Westside Market and he wholesales to most of the best restaurants in Cleveland.

So he is going to have a booth at the Deerassic Classic a fund raiser for the National Whitetail Deer Education Foundation near Cambridge, Ohio this Friday and Saturday. This event draws 15,000 to 20,000 people each year. We are going to be set up next to some guys selling top of the line grills. They are going to let us use one of their grills and we will be sampling chicken and flank steak using Dion's various rubs and spice blends. It should be an interesting day.

Check out the Urban Herbs website if you like cooking with quality ingredients. There is a link above.

On the home front - We are still trying to finalize a car. We settled on the Highlander Hybrid but now the dealer doesn't know when they will have one. As it turns out the one we wanted (located in a different state) was sold on Saturday. So we are talking about the end of August before actual delivery. The whole process is a slow, frustrating one.



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