Monday, June 19, 2006

This little world we live in...

We just returned from a 10th anniversary trip to Venice. All I can say is that it is such a beautiful, special place.

I love to chat people up. I love finding out where they are from and where they are going. It sometimes drives my wife crazy. We stayed at a small ten room hotel in Venice and I got to know the owners and the other guests very well.

I am amazed at the multiculturalism that exists. Practically everywhere we went - people spoke English…and German, French and Spanish. We are truly citizens of the world and we are naive to operate as if what we do only affects “us”. Maybe there was a time when we might have been able to operate like that but certainly not any more.

We are good at holding the rest of the world accountable for their behaviors but not so good at examining the impact of our actions and behaviors on the rest of the world. Everywhere we went people wanted to talk and they wanted to understand.

It was a needed vacation and wonderful celebration of ten years of marriage. The food in Venice is incredible!


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