Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Man’s Best Friend

Since I was a child I have always had a dog around. In order: Pepper, Pup, Buffy, Cassy, Mollie, and now Sandy. Dogs have always been a part of my life. We were just animal oriented because of living on a farm.

Dogs are great companions. They are always ready for adventure. They are extremely sensitive to human emotion. They have the uncanny ability to sense sadness or pain and respond in a comforting manner. Just having them nearby helps us to feel less alone and their bark helps us to feel safe.

Yes there are downsides to owning a dog. If you live in the city you can expect that you will witness every dump the dog ever takes. Not to mention having to pick it up. You have to make arrangements for their care when you travel. Vet bills. Stinky treats like rawhide bones and pigs ears. Dog hair everywhere when they are shedding

The upside is that you always have a playmate; a walking companion; a personal security advisor; a pretty good judge of character and the president of the Plate Cleaning Club.

Our current dog, Sandy, does not take to her bed at night until everybody else is in bed and all household personnel are accounted for. She keeps a vigilant eye on the front of the house from her perch on the stairs most days. Her bowl of food will sit full and untouched all day long until we start preparing and sit down for our evening meal. She eats when we eat. We did not train her to do that. She travels like a trooper curling up on her bed until we make a stop. When we are at camp she always keeps one us in sight.

She adds a dimension to our lives that enriches us and makes us better people.


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