Thursday, December 29, 2005

One of my favorite old movies...

In the 1970 movie, The Out-of-Towners, Jack Lemmon plays a character named George Kellerman. George, with his wife, makes a trip to New York, where he is about to take a new job.

Their trip turns out to be a nightmare - where what can go wrong - will go wrong. Their plane gets diverted to Boston. George's carefully planned trip turns into a nightmare which features, among other problems, a hellish train ride to New York, a mugging, a police chase and a broken tooth.

So you say you've got problems? There are times in all of our lives when we all feel overwhelmed by our difficulties. How do you handle them? It has everything to do with perspective...

Take a step back and look at what you can learn from your problems - What opportunities are there for self-discovery and maturing? Can you prevent this problem in the future?

Get an objective viewpoint from someone you trust - Find someone you have confidence in and confide what you’re dealing with. Ask them for their perspective. Sometimes in the thick of difficulties our perspective gets skewed and it can be overwhelming.

Come to terms with the fact that life is not difficulty free. Some people spend all of their time dreaming of a life without troubles. They think that if they pay their taxes and act responsibly then sailing should be smooth. But life very seldom plays out to the script that you and I would write for it.

Henry Kaiser (1882 - 1967) once said that, "Problems are only opportunities in work clothes."


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